Thursday, 29 January 2009

Mr. Fussy

This fussy eating this is getting old. I think dinner time is the worst - he just refuses to eat practically anything I give him, and ends up spitting it all out. It's driving me nuts. Yesterday he actually ate something, but it was what I'd call "junk" food (homemade potato wedges and chicken nuggets - I'm never buying them again, mine are SO much nicer, and healthier!). I would love it if he ate veggies more, but I can barely get them down him. I'm making roasted parsnips tonight so hopefully he'll manage to eat some of those. It's worth a shot. I've made bolognase sauce, raviolli, risotto... all from scratch, and he looks at me like I'm poisoning him. Ugh. I give up! He can just live off toast from now on :(

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